Movement Pass During Lockdown (মুভমেন্ট পাস)

Movement Pass police gov bd Application 2021: Bangladesh Police has launched an app and application system to move freely during the lock-down for the emergency purposes by completing the registration on for the people of Bangladesh.

Anyone can obtain the pass by registered with and fill up necessary information. They can also apply by downloading the movement pass police gov bd apk app from the play store.

A movement pass can only be used only once. During the lockdown, No one will be able to come out without a movement pass.

In the next 6 days, you will have to go through the medium of movement
On Tuesday (April 13), Rajarbagh Police Lines will officially inaugurate the ‘Momentum Pass’ application.

The IGP Banejir Ahmed says, People with ‘Movement Pass’ will be able to move on the road without any hindrance. However, not everyone is getting this pass. This pass will be given only in case of emergency. They will be able to use this pass according to their needs.

According to the sources at the police headquarters, the ‘Movement Pass’ program is going to be started at the headquarters in coordination with the ICT wing. This pass will be given to the emergency goods transporters, dealers, traders and employees after verification and selection.

What is movement Pass:

Movementpass is an initiative by Bangladesh Police to move freely on the road at the time of lockdown for the emergency needs.

The emergency covers Kitchen Market, Medicine Purchase, Treatment, Job, Agriculture, Goods Transport, Supply Chain, Wholesale/Retail Sale, Funeral, Business and Others important work.

movement pass police gov bd

How to get Movement Pass during Lockdown:

To get movement pass during lockdown, Applicants have to registered themselves with necessary information on the official website-

According to the notice, A person can apply only once with the same mobile number and for same reason and the validity of the pass will be three hours.

Applicants can get the movement pass by following the step by step guideline from below:

Registration process for

  1. Visit-
  2. Tap on Apply For Movement Pass.
  3. Please provide the mobile number and tap on submit.
  4. Input the Birth Date [Example: 01021990- this is the example of 1st February 1990]
  5. Now, tap on confirm button to confirm the registration.

How to fill up the movement pass police gov bd Application form

After the confirmation a information will will appear on the screen. Now, Fill up all the boxes with required information.

Step 1: Input where you will go from.
Step 2: Select the Nearest Police Station.
Step 3: Type where you want to go.
Step 4: Input Your Name.
Step 5: Select the gender.
Step 6: Type the Age.
Step 7: Reason for the Pass.
Step 8: Now Select the Date and Time from by tapping on the calendar.
Step 9: Select Any ID [National ID Card/Birth Certificate Number/Passport Number/Driving Licensee/Student ID]
Step 10: Input the Number.
Step 11: Now, tick the box, if you want move out with your card.
Step 12: Now upload an Photo.

After fill up all the boxes, Tap on submit button to complete the registration.

Note: A pass can be used for only one time. Please apply two separate pass for return type movement. A Movement Pass maximum duration is 3 Hours, so choose the date carefully.

Movement Pass bd Application 2021 (Pictorial)


Movement Pass Verification by Police:

After submitting the form, Applicants will get an confirmation SMS for the movement pass.

Without the verification, the form will not be completed and cannot be used for movement pass.

For more information, Visit-

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